Ethical Leadership in Business

Business opportunities and sustainable success in the 21st century depend on an educated and values-driven workforce. All around the world there is a growing talent shortage, linked to digital transformation and demographic changes. At the same time, there is an urgent need to find innovative ways of ensuring access to basic education in poorer countries. Education is a human right. United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4(SDGs) aims to ensure that everybody has access to high quality education and to lifelong learning opportunities. If we are to achieve these goals, and to reduce the skills gap in the digital age, business people and entrepreneurs will need to be innovative. New developments in Education Technology (EdTech) offer personalized learning and training opportunities, such as online courses driven by artificial intelligence and the use of virtual and augmented reality. These innovations can accelerate progress in education on a global level.

To get the best out of such technology, users also need to be trained in basic competencies of data security and privacy. However, true digital literacy in the 21st century will require life-skills based on values and ethical considerations. The Ethical Leadership in Business event at the 2020 Caux Forum will bring together business people, entrepreneurs, investors, academics and representatives from the public sector to explore innovations in the field of education and life-long learning. It will offer both structured activities, such as panels and workshops, and time and space for ‘recharging’.

This year’s Ethical Leadership in Business will take place from 25 June more