Event Planners Talk Conference

Forget the traditional 9–5 conference programme and get ready to become involved with hands-on workshops, participative discussions and learn in the most inspiring environment!  The event will start with a 2-day beleisure programme, for you to arrive relaxed and inspired, build first rapport with other delegates and explore the Bernese region. The weekend will be dedicated to education and will take place across multiple venues to keep you inspired and active at all times.  At a time of ‘information overload’, we believe that less is more. Therefore, sessions will be carefully designed to meet your needs. Knowing that each topic will be covered only in a 1-hour instalment, we will get straight to the point, taking a hands-on approach for applicable outcomes. Our goal is to foster the growth of your business, your personal development and improve industry standards by bringing together key stakeholders under one roof.

This year’s Event Planners Talk Conference will take place from 27 August more