Unique Back-End, Endless Possibilities

Change Your App ContentUpdate your App content in realtime

MCA Back-End is the core of our ecosystem. Thanks to the Back-End you can edit, add or remove content, when you make changes to the content this will be delivered to the Native applications. Furthermore, you can schedule Push Notification to deliver news information to your attendees and see usage statistics.

  • ContentYou can control your content
  • Push NotificationEngage with your users thanks to the Push Notification service. Send them update and news about the Conference in realtime

LocalisationAny Languages

You can choose the languages you want to use. All the content you insert in the Back-End can be translated in multiples languages. When the Apps connect to the server will downloads the correct content based on the Operation System default language.

  • Multiple languagesYou can choose what languages you want to support or deliver your content in just one language
  • Easy to UseAdding content in multiples languages is fast and easy

On the GoAccess from any device

Our Back-End system is easy to access and can be accessed by smartphone, tables, computer or any device with a Browser. We build the Back-End to be responsive and adapt to any screen size. Consequently, even when you have a small screen you can login and change the content of the Apps. In addition, you can even send Push Notification directly from you smartphone to all the attendees.

  • ResponsiveYou can use this platform with Smartphones or Tables without any problems or limitations.
  • Fast & SecureWe build or Back-End to be fast and secure.