Congress of the Swiss Society for Educational Research

The Annual Conference of the Swiss Society for Education Research invites researchers to investigate knowledge situated at the intersection of research, practice and learning in the field of education. It would appear that this type of knowledge falls into a variety of categories, such as knowledge, competencies, abilities, skills, and attitudes in research, practice and…

SSAI Annual Congress

The SSAI Annual Congress will provide the attendees with the opportunity to gain insights relating to Spontaneous protein crystallization as a driver of immunity, The extended phenotype and immunopathology of human RAG deficiency, Inflammasomes at the Crossroads of Innate and Cell-autonomous immunity, Tregs and self tolerance, Learning from self and not self human memory repertoire….

World Heart Congress

World Heart Congress will be an investigation of new research Innovation in the field of Cardiology and spread the most recent advancements in heart disease prevention and rehabilitation. Argument on new technology enhancement in the field of Cardiovascular Disease and current practices in cardiovascular therapy, Cardiac progenitor cells, Hypertension for the primary care clinician, Stent…